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So what’s so special about Canadian diamonds you may ask?

Ten top reasons Diamonds from Canada’s diamond industry are so unique and special!
  1. Ethics are very important to Canadians therefore, all Canadian diamonds are mined ethically regarding the treatment of human resources and the environment. They also sell at a premium all around the globe.

  2. After just 12 years as a player in the diamond industry, Canada places as the third largestproducer of diamonds by value worldwide. Not too shabby for just being out of the gate!

  3. From pipeline to people, Canada holds the position of being the only country worldwide that brings the diamonds all the way through the diamond mining process from the mines right to the market.

  4. Right now Canada has 5 mines that are actively producing diamonds. Three are in Northwest Territories and are named the “Diavik” “Ekati” and “Snap Lake”. Another is in the province of Nunavut and is named the “Jericho” mine and the other is in Ontario, and is named the “Victor mine.

  5. Currently four sites are under development across Canada with an estimated yield of just under 112 million carats that have mine lives anywhere from 12 to 25 years. These places include Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba offering a very promising future in the world of diamondS.

  6. Though there are 115 diamond exploration countries in the world, 25 of these companies are exploring Canada’s terrain at the time of this writing

  7. One of the world’s largest diamond pipes also known as kimberlite, was discovered in the province of Saskatchewan very recently.

  8. With ten provinces in Canada, Ontario alone has identified 15 kimberlite fields awaiting development.

  9. Ontario’s Victor Mine, yields some of the most highly sought after premium diamonds asthey have excellent colour and clarity.

  10. Canadians are known for their talent from music to acting and even in the jewellery design industry all the way from individual designers to the larger manufacturers. Canada’s got a lot of talent to take to the worldWhen I began sifting through some of the recent information on diamonds in Canada I got so excited and overwhelmed to learn we practically live in a goldmine, rather, a diamond mine.
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