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Seven shining reasons to include sparkle in your portfolio!

S - Safe diamonds for investment, origin of diamond, where it came from, honorable sources, not obtained by negative methods such as the case in the past of blood diamonds, hurting the environment etc. Other areas to keep in mind are fluorescent and treated diamonds which negatively affect the value of diamonds.

P - Portability, diamonds are the most concentrated substance and also the most concentrated form of wealth that can easily be transported in this day and age of mobility, natural disaster etc. Just grab the goods and run!

A - Appreciate, diamonds are consistently increasing in value and have been since the very beginning. This is especially true in higher quality and naturally colored diamonds. When diamonds are purchased at a good price and sold to the right buyer at the right time, a lot of money can be made. You've got to do it right. There are even standards in the diamond trade which constantly keep an eye on the diamond market such as the Rappaport Diamond Report much like a stock exchange for diamonds.

R - Rarity, there are only so many diamonds on the planet and nobody knows when the next mine will be uncovered. Whether under the polar ice caps in Canada or a new find in Australia, you never know what will be discovered. Especially colored diamonds as the world famous Argyle Mine is becoming depleted and pinks are literally soaring off the charts.

K - Kingdom, whether royalty or as a sign of success, diamonds are the substance for kings and queens and can be passed with heart and passion from one generation to the next with great meaning. They are very durable and stand the test of time. This is invaluable. To some they have a spiritual essence as they are from the earth and can enhance and magnify all they surround.

L - Legitimate, whatever you do, ensure your diamonds are legitimate and the best way to do that is to have the diamond certified by an accredited Gem Lab such as GIA, EGL, IGI, etc. GIA is the crème-de-la-crème but there is a higher premium for them. Of course when it's time to sell, they will command a higher price.

E - Exquisitely beautiful. Need I say more? Diamonds are spectacular in their appearance and stunning accents to gorgeous jewelry regardless of the metal color. Their sparkle and scintillation brighten up any outfit and compliments are adorned on the wearer. The beauty, the way the light breaks up inside the stone into every color of the rainbow and radiates in an array of color can't be topped. They also go with anything and are very versatile. You can't outshine diamonds.

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