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About Canadian Diamonds

Canada is one of the richest, most beautiful places in the world and I just had a feeling, kind of like the person with the dowser who finds water just with a stick. I just had a feeling that diamonds were right under my feet…and they are! Knowing this and living in Canada is like having the icing on the cake, just knowing that this rich terrain right under our feet.

It turns out that the latest finds in Saskatchewan and even in northern Alberta, just 400 kilometres or approximately 250 miles north of my home in Sherwood Park, Alberta is one of the newest discoveries. My late Godfather, who had his doctorate in Geology, would always tell me that the structure of the earth from an aerial view indicated there were diamonds up here. Now I want to go out and dig! Too bad the average person cannot have mineral rights in Canada!

At the time of this writing we are the third largest diamond producing countries with Botswana leading the race and Russia coming in second. The race is far from over though with all of the new discoveries such as the one mentioned above, Buffalo Head Hills and the promising Pikoo mines in Saskatchewan which may very well turn out to be a very promising new diamond district, infrastructure already in place. My friend Leila at the diamond bourse in Canada pointed out that Canada’s landscape was much like that of Russia so I believe we have a lot more diamonds to discover.

Promising new companies for the future of diamonds are Strike and Peregrine Diamonds Ltd., both exploration companies with compelling, energetic managing styles. Strike is focusing on Saskatchewan while Peregrine is focusing on the north in Nunavut. 71 kimberlites have been discovered in Nunavut to date. Current work programs are planned for Chidliak in 2015. Also mining exploration will be strong in Saskatchewan this summer.

Bottom line, our lovely Canada, with its ten gorgeous provinces have quickly become the latest and greatest map for diamond discoveries and production.

Canadian diamonds wholesale to the public. Canadian Diamonds wholesale are an amazing investment for sophisticated investors. As long as they are purchased with knowledge and forethought, they will maintain their value as supply diminishes and populations expand at the rate they are expanding. Though the US leads the desire to purchase diamonds at 40%, China is coming in as the second in desiring and acquiring diamonds from Canada.

You wonder, why buy Diamonds from Canada wholesale? With the ice caps slowly melting, more and more high quality diamonds are revealed. The beauty, the splendor and the wonder amazes meto this day. There is no better way to diversify than to have these gems in your portfolio. They are durable, portable, rare and did I mention fabulously beautiful. In this day and age, everyone should own a Canadian diamond.

Karen Simmons is a member of the diamond bourse of Canada and by association, a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses which represent more than 27,000 companies in 30 bourses in 21 countries. They have been leading the industry, creating codes of conduct and establishing best practices for its members, always in consultation with mining companies, governments and sister organizations around the globe.

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